Picture 1 © Judicaël Cornu /  Picture 2&4 © Tupperware / Picture 3 © Muuselabs

JUDICAËL CORNU / Industrial Design

After five years in the National School of Art - La Cambre - Brussels, Judicaël earned a Master Degree in industrial design with 1st class honours and received different awards such as the Belgian Young Design Award for the bone conduction headphones project. During four years he worked as an in-house designer with the product development team of Tupperware. In 2011 Judicaël has opened a design office in Brussels. 
Based on user experience approach, he develops and define forms and images which are relevant for reality and needs.

The design office is based in Brussels.
Working with a wide network of collaborators, all specialized in product development such as CAD engineer, marketing consultant, injection molding specialist, production engineer, design strategist, graphic designer, web designer, color consultant...



Mail: contact@judicaelcornu.com
Web: www.judicaelcornu.com