CREATIVE CONSULTEAM / Shifts in Minds for Shifts in Action

As a Creative Thinking and Innovation Consultancy founded in 1992, our purpose is to help you actively Shape your Future through Innovation. In an era of disruption, playing it safe isn’t actually that safe. 
Whether you are a small Business, a Company, an Institution, an Association, a Network, a Country, a Region, a team of Entrepreneurs or Intrapreneurs, we help you face discontinuous Change and Uncertainty with the Imagination, the Creativity and the Flexibility required 

  • to design and lead innovative, Future-Relevant, Wealth-creating and meaningful ways forward 
  • to make more pertinent decisions and take more appropriate actions
  • to actively shape your Future in a completely different “Ecosystem” 

Our core expertise is to create “Shifts in Minds for Shifts in Action”, i.e. deep changes in the ways people See, Think and Do. Those Shifts help you move beyond safe and linear Thinking to spark the Full Panorama of Innovation and reach the "4R" Vanguard approaches:

  1. Revitalising 
  2. Regenerating
  3. Reinventing
  4. Revolutionising when needed 

You will develop Agility, Flexibility, Awareness, and Resiliency, vital abilities to actively Shape your Future

  • Seeing and Observing the world with new lenses 
  • Sensing needs and major opportunities to innovate
  • Seizing i.e. Thinking creatively and envisioning differentiated and pertinent ways forward
  • Acting in new ways like Prototyping, Experimenting, Testing and Learning

Those who don't believe in the Impossible are kindly requested not to discourage those who are busy making it happen!



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